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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dee's Photo Op!

After a night of hard work and a days worth of photo shooting, I present to you my very own photo op done by my partner in crime, Aye. Thank you for making me feel like a star!

It's time to shed the coats and boots, and break out those button ups and summer dresses because SPRINGGGG is here! 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Another Photoshoot!!!

So here's another one of our photoshoot. I still need to edit the others. By edit, I mean blur the background. Bye beauty peeps.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Photo Op

Forever 21 Cardigan/Forever 21 long sleeve shirt/Forever 21 Scarf/Pac-Sun Jeans/ Steve Madden Boots

Guess Coat/ Coach Purse/Pac-Sun Jeans/Quirky Boots from Target/Hot-Topic Socks 
These pictures were taken by our photographer, Chantal-I only wish the lighting was better in my house. These pictures took me all night to produce but ,voila, we made custom magazine covers . Our outfits were simple but were laden with fun! We decided to go mainly black for that fun casual look.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Photoshoot ♥

This was taken when I just threw my scarf out and it reminded me of a game character from a video game I love, Fire Emblem. Character's name is Sothe and he has a scarf that blows in the wind all the time. Check it out. His is greyish-green though and mine is red.
The second one, we took one day when we were about to go to a New Year get together. It's a little bright but I managed to blur the background and darken our faces a bit. I love what we're wearing and I love how the makeup we did makes us look a little mysterious.
And this third one made me laugh.
Doesn't it remind you of something?

Lol, gave you a scare, didn't I? Well this one reminded me of slenderman. I was thinking of Photoshopping my face white too. Well until next time, beauty peeps.

Dee ♥

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Where to start.

Sometimes we just don't know where to start, right? Whether it be your hair or your skin, or even your nails, you just don't know where to begin your care regimen. But you do! It's very simple and I know it'll get monotonous to hear it again. You need to start by fixing your daily life. I don't mean fix as in FIX but make certain changes.
Let's start from the beginning of your day. Let's say you wake up at 9:00am. Your first impulse would be to eat. This is your body telling you it is hungry after hours of long rest and time before your last meal. Now before you go and grab your sugary cereal or pancakes laden with syrup, bacon, eggs and butter, HALT!! That breakfast, while high in protein and or calcium, could be high in cholesterol, fat, and sugar. You need to start your day with something light. They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it most certainly doesn't have to be the largest. In fact, experts say if you eat a smaller, more nutrient dense breakfast and follow up with snacks every three hours until dinner and eat your largest meal then, you wont be as hungry during breakfast and you'll be able to continue. I highly recommend you start with something like:
A nice nutrient packed fruit smoothie with your favorite fruits and a cup of 2%milk or half a cup of whole milk, if you only drink that kind. This would give you the essential antioxidants, vitamins, fiber, and protein to keep you full longer.
Become a smoothie fanatic. They are versatile, fun, and you can change them up however you want; use different fruits and or frozen fruits if you want a creamy, thicker blend.
Keep leafy greens and veggies in mind. Your mom and doctor are not wrong when they say that these little green guys are healthy for you. Vegetables are packed, I mean PACKED with antioxidants to fight sickness, beta keratin and calcium for your skin and nails and hair, traces of protein which build everything from hair to skin cells, and every vitamin that you can think of. EAT YOUR LEAFY GREENS AND OTHER VEGGIES
Start taking nutrient supplements along with your daily food requirements. Buy things like Centrum or fish oil pills. Centrum will give you all of your vitamins and fish oil pills give you the essential fatty acids that your body needs. These pills have done wonders to my skin and hair. My hair has grown a little more than an inch in the past month. These little suckers are good for you.
You can pick up Centrum at any drug store for about 5 to 6 dollars.
Get your sleep. When you sleep your body is repairing your body with all of the nutrients you took in all day. OOH!!! And drink 2 cups of water before bed. This will moisturize your skin and help you look absolutely glowing in the morning. But get as much sleep as you can. Sleep is good. You can never have too much sleep.
Remember to be patient. These things take time. Keep this up and you'll be sure to see results. Use this as a start to your beauty regimin.
Good luck beauty peeps!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Beginning

I've known Yane(Aye only I call her that, lol) for the longest. I was about 8 and she was 12. I never thought we would ever be this close, in fact, I hung out with her sister. I only ever went to her house like 4 times when I was little. I really started getting closer about two years ago. I remember starting out. I would go to her house when she would randomly invite me to little friend get togethers. We would play Super Smash Bros. Brawl and other nerdy games, munch out on snacks and other things. Those were the fun times of our early friendship.
I would say during that time, I enjoyed going to her house and drawing anime with her and talking about life. I also remember her giving me piggy back rides. It was so much fun. I guess the point I'm making is, there was always hints that we would become best friends.
-Dee P.S. I want to keep giving you chapters of our triumphs and stories.

Fixing Complete

Well we're done editing the site. It's completely done. That means we can start our cute little blog with our cute personally made gig and setup. I really hope you all enjoy it and we hope to start sharing lots of content with you all.